Red Dirt Excursions was created out of a passion for Southern Utah and the desire to help those visiting to really get to see and do as much as they could but to also see things that were not maybe on the map or that well known.

The National Parks in our corner of the world are truly amazing, however, there are great ways to see them and things to experience without having to follow the common path.

Hidden gems are not unique to our National Parks, we have literally thousands of acres of National Forests, Bureau of Land Management Land, State Parks, recreation areas, and private lands that surround, and connect, the entire area.  Our area is full of history, culture, art, dining and of course our outside activities.  We want to show them to you, we want you to experience them, to play in them, to respect them, and come back to see them.

The majority of our clients are coming from hundreds to thousands of miles away both domestically and with most coming from overseas.  Vacationing at that distance and trying to ensure you see the best spots, work with the best guides, and truly see the greatest things in the area is a challenge.  We know, we have done it.  In our experience, it is rare that we truly got to see the culture or the “rest” of the place just because we were doing the “main tourist” thing. 

With the overwhelming number of providers, places to see, who to use, ideas on “what’s best” it is a challenge to have conviction that your expectations will be exceeded, or even met, when working at such a distance.  Been there.  Things that may look good on a web page or in paper may not prove to be as fulfilling as expected.  At Red Dirt Excursions, we strive to understand what you want to see, what you want to do, and the physical activity of your group to make sure we are recommending things that match your abilities, expectations and desires.

We work to be your local representative, because we live here we know the off the beaten path things to see and do and the best people to show them to you.  Our business is built on you, your group, your family, etc. having an amazing time doing things that will create a forever memory.  We strive for long-term happy clients who tell friends, family, co-workers, etc. what an amazing place we live in and how great of a job we did taking care of them.  Red Dirt Excursions has a vested interest in you having the best Excursion possible, we represent you.

We would love for you to come see us and see our beautiful corner of the world.  You make the memories, we’ll take care of the rest.​

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