Red Dirt Excursions Announces new CEO

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Red Dirt Excursions Announce New CEO

        Red Dirt Excursions is delighted to announce to the public the appointment of Steve Wattles, a leader with passion for customer service and business excellence as new Chief Executive Officer.

         A Former Financial Advisor for global companies and a high growth software CFO, Steve Wattles has over two decades of experience in client care, analytics, strategic planning, research, and strategic alignment.

        In a statement by Red Dirt Excursions, they confirmed the appointing saying, “we are excited in having Steve join us, we know his commitment to client service, ability to run a strong operation, and ability to do the necessary work to be an expert in the travel & tourism business is imperative for the success and growth of Red Dirt Excursions. We fully expect him to execute our visions for growth in expanding into additional International markets.”

       Over the years, Steve Wattles has gained widespread recognition in the customer service field. He has been rated as leader in customer service by JP Powers & Associates with a 98% client satisfaction score, and has been consistently rated as a top-tier service provider with the firms he has worked for.

        Steve Wattles, who has a reputation for his high level of commitment to clients and a strong background in building teams to deliver on expectations, is looking to bring his amazing and rare features to Red Dirt Excursions. In a statement by him, he enthused, “This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing company in a dynamic and incredibly fun industry, and I look forward to the growth and future of Red Dirt Excursions. They are already positioned as the local experts, now we take that message internationally.

​Clearly, Steve Wattles and Red Dirt Excursions are excited about this union and there is no doubt, that it will be a successful one.

About Red Dirt Excursions

     Red Dirt Excursions is an all-inclusive excursion company serving active travelers and corporate events coming to Southern Utah and our National Parks.  We take care of everything including accommodations, transportation, activities, meals, snacks, etc.  Hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, horseback rides, water sports, helicopter rides, sky diving, ATV/UTV tours, golf, live performances, world class athletic competitions, and so much more!   We live, play and experience here.    You create the memories and we'll take care of the rest.  See more at   


           For information on new CEO Steve Wattles, visit and contact him through his LinkedIn profile at