Southern Utah Apparel

Please bring appropriate clothing for your holiday.  In the winter you will need long pants and a  jacket.

Southern Utah spring, fall, and winter seasons are relatively warm but do adjust over the course of the day.  Winter nights can see the temperature drop into the 20s over night while being a pleasant 60 degrees during the day.  Spring and Falls evenings will also see a drop in overnight temperatures however the days can range between 70 and 80 degrees.  Our climate is typically warm and sunny.

Summer temperatures will exceed 100 degrees during the day and fall into the 70s over night.

Should your excursion included trips to higher elevations; Pine Valley, Zion or Bryce National Parks, the Grand Canyon, etc. be aware of changes to cooler temperatures as we head higher and plan accordingly.

Please check with us prior to your visit for current weather forecasts however, we receive over 300 sunny days per year with ample sunshine. 

We suggest wearing easily worn and removable layers.

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